“The Buddha said,
‘Having excellent friends
and keeping good company
is not half the sacred Way;
it is the very Way itself.’”

Upaddha Sutta (SN45.2)

Dragon Lake Zen

Monthly Community Practice

Dragon Lake Zen warmly invites you to:


Meditation, Dharma, Interpersonal Connection

Zen meditation is a great adventure in sitting still, in silence and spaciousness, experiencing our deepest nature. Practicing together, we both strengthen and polish each other’s insight and natural expressions of wisdom, compassion, and playfulness. We appreciate our innate unity, and also learn to work skillfully with and even celebrate our differences.

Sundays Once a Month 

9-10:30 am Mountain Time


In Person at: 

Kelly’s Barn

1360 Sumac Ave, 

Boulder, CO 80304



September 11, 2022 

October 16, 2022  

November 6, 2022

December 18, 2022

Jan 8, 2023 

Feb 5, 2023

March 5, 2023

April 2, 2023

May 7, 2023 

June 11, 2023

July 9, 2023


$15 per gathering


$120 to pre-register for 10 gatherings

 ~ If finances are an obstacle, please reach out to DragonLakeZen@proton.me about work-trade opportunities. ~

“I encourage you. Please enjoy this wonderful life together. Appreciate the world of just this! There is nothing extra. Genuinely appreciate your life as the most precious treasure and take good care of it.”

~ Taizan Maezumi Roshi


In our upcoming Monthly Community Practice gatherings, for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, members of Dragon Lake Zen will facilitate a generous space to turn your attention inward in meditation. Allowing your body, breath, and mind to function harmoniously, you will be invited to encounter a vivid, natural intimacy with yourself and your life. 


Our time together will also include a dharma talk/ brief teaching from senior monks and nourishing, energizing connection with community through guided interpersonal practices.


An optional brunch together at a nearby restaurant will follow the 90 minute gathering.

“My daily practice is to wake and immediately bring my attention to this thought: “I am one day closer to my death. So how will I live this day? How will I greet those I meet? How will I bring soul to each moment? I do not want to waste this day.” 

psychotherapist and author

"Laughter is carbonated holiness."


"Wander into the center of the circle of wonder.”


Zendo at sunset

Dragon Lake Zen is a Boulder-based organization of Zen practitioners who are good friends and longtime students of Diane Musho Hamilton, Roshi. We practice in the White Plum branch of Soto Zen Buddhism, and live at the fruitful intersection of deep tradition and bold innovation. We are committed to manifesting, here and now, a way and a training that can heal our divisions, clarify our intrinsic value to one another, and join with the powerful currents of life-force that bring unreasonable joy, clear wisdom and unconditioned compassion to all beings.

Our members include:

Brooke Teisui McNamara

Brooke Teisui McNamara, MFA, is a poet, teacher, and ordained Zen monk. She has practiced as a student of Diane Musho Hamilton, Roshi, since 2010, and before that as a student of nondual teacher and poet, Dorothy S. Hunt. Brooke has published two books of poems: Bury the Seed and Feed Your Vow, and has taught at Naropa University in Yoga Studies and CU Boulder in Dance. She lives with her husband and two sons in Boulder, CO. 


Rob Daishin McNamara is the author of Powerful Listening, The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken, and a co-founder of the advisory and consulting firm Delta Developmental. He is a core faculty member for Real LIFE programming and is a senior monk training under Diane Musho Hamilton at Two Arrows Zen. Rob’s intimate experiences with death have sharpened him to wholeheartedly engage what matters most. He is a devoted meditation practitioner, husband and father of two boys with a radical heart that’s fierce, playful and loving.


Brian Butsudo Turner has been practicing Zen in the White Plum branch of the Soto lineage for nearly fifteen years. He received ordination in 2012 from Diane Musho Hamilton, Roshi. Brian has a Ph.D. in Physics and currently works as an engineer in a local optics manufacturing company.

Sashi Etsudo Gerzon-Rose-2

Sashi Etsudo Gerzon-Rose has been drawn to the numinous for as far back as she can remember. She has been practicing meditation for just shy of 20 years, and has been a student of Zen Buddhism for more than a decade. She is a long-time teacher of yoga and meditation, and currently works as a contemplative therapist and coach. Sashi is endlessly inspired by how practice on the cushion translates so directly into being a kinder, more skillful human in relationship with others. Sashi ordained as a Zen monk in the White Plum Lineage in 2019. 


Lauren Juno Beale has been practicing Zen with Diane Musho Hamilton, Roshi, Dragon Lake and Dragon Heart Sanghas for 6 years. She has felt the significance of practice in all aspects of her life, bringing forth compassion, inquiry and heartfelt action into her movement teaching, creative expression, relationships, parenting and humanity. She most recently deepened her devotion to Zen practice by ordaining as a monk, and lives in Longmont with partner Amanda and children, Lila and Finlay.

Ari Gerzon

Ari Gerzon has been a member of Two Arrows Zen since 2016. He participated as a boy in retreats with Thich Nhat Hanh that awakened in him the beauty of meditation and Zen practice. Ari is a passionate student of the dharma and finds deep connection in the sangha.

Our gatherings will include about 30 minutes of seated meditation, 30 minutes of teaching/ group discussion, and 30 minutes of interpersonal connection time. The schedule will evolve with what is alive in the group each gathering. Please wear comfortable clothing for sitting, and please avoid fragrances and perfumes.




We strive to welcome everyone's full uniqueness. We study and practice dharma together for the liberation and benefit of all beings. 


We recognize the suffering inherent in separation and are committed to skillfully navigating our personal and collective biases to create a genuinely welcoming community of practice. These individual, social and cultural biases include but are not limited to gender, race, class, ability, ethnicity, religious beliefs, nationality, political views, and ideological backgrounds.


We aim to realize our intrinsic oneness, as well as appreciate and be grown by our differences, to cultivate a dynamic, thriving eco-system of practice.


We practice with rigor, gentleness, and compassion to liberate ourselves from any limits of division and separation.

We welcome contributions to support our ongoing practice, and to provide scholarship opportunities to ensure access regardless of economic ability. 


“Once you experience it, you are like a dragon swimming in the water or a tiger reposing in the mountains."