10 minutes a day of Poetry & Meditation

An  on-demand video series

with Brooke McNamara


“The temple bell stops, 

but the sound keeps coming 

out of the flowers.”  


30 short daily videos, on demand. 

A cocoon of presence for you to rest in ~ 

at your own pace, in your own way. 

A thread of wonder to weave through your weeks ~

through highs and lows, darkness and light. 

A chorus of voices offering companionship

nudging you to drop deeply into this one life.

A daily sanctuary of silence, connecting you 

to what matters most, gently reminding you to:

Savor every flavor of your days. 



Each day for a month, enjoy a 10-minute video by Brooke McNamara that includes a poem shared aloud followed by a simple guided meditation. Written forms of the poems will be available directly below each video. Brooke will alternate between sharing her own poems, and favorites from various times, places, and cultures.

By committing just 10 minutes a day to the pleasure of listening to poetry followed by resting in the stillness of meditation, you will be invited into a gentle, but very deep re-set. Pausing briefly each day to simply breathe and feel your whole experience is a great kindness to yourself and all you touch.


Your nervous system will settle over time into optimal functioning. Your mind will be witnessed by your own loving attention, and come to rest in wise timing. Your body will soften unnecessary tension, and your heart will remember itself Home. Day by day, you will come more alive.


Investing in the nourishment of daily small doses of poetry and meditation practice, you might be astonished at what blooms in you and naturally serves others. 



May a potency of effortless presence slowly, reliably infuse your days, this month and beyond. May we all savor this precious life.



Your registration grants you lifetime access to a private video platform with an Introduction video + 30 daily Poetry and Meditation videos, each 10 minutes in length.  


Over the course of the month you will receive an initial Welcome email from Brooke with access to your video platform and guidance for how to best approach the material. You will receive follow-up emails on the 10th, 20th, and 3oth days with supportive suggestions for staying on course and completing A Month to Savor.


You will need a quiet, uncluttered space and a meditation cushion or chair for your 10 minutes a day of practice. You may choose to also set up an altar with flowers, candles, incense, and/or objects or imagery that calm and uplift you.




Once mind is remembered

to be infinite

the difference between discipline

and roaming free

is nothing.

We become empty

enough to be filled

with rich freedom-responsibility

of being and serving

all of it

and just this one

at once.

I feel my feet

on this hard wood floor

and breathe you in.

We make and discover

each other,

always only

in this moment.



Brooke McNamara, MFA, is a poet, teacher, and ordained Zen monk. She has published two books of poems: Bury the Seed and Feed Your Vow. Brooke has taught at Naropa University in Yoga Studies and CU Boulder in Dance. She lives with her husband and two sons in Boulder, CO. 

Brooke McNamara

What students are saying:


“Brooke has a magical charm that sets the tone for a supportive environment. ”

 ~ Shelly Sharon

"A bedrock of beautiful spirituality."

~ Tamsin Hayes

"Deliciously rich with nourishment and inspiration... such a great level of intention and care."

~ Elizabeth Winheld

"Brooke has an extraordinary ability to deliver full-of-life material in a way that allows it to be digested."

~ Bridget Hanley




If you can’t change yourself, after all

the efforts, change the light

by which you read your story.

Exchange overhead for something softer -

a lamp, a candle, a vine of shining

holiday lights - and feel yourself

become hugged by the fabric of shadows.

You see the darkness here has wisdom too.

You see these objects around become related

by the pregnant emptiness that holds them,

and you. Let this light reveal the rapture

of being just this. Then, further still, try

moonlight, or no light, until, at last,

this open, sourceless incandescence

which you are

no matter who you think you are

will follow you from the inside

wherever you may go, however

you may change, or not.