Move your body. Awaken your mind. Find the heart of stillness. Bask in the light of luminous poetry. If you are ready to slow into a rhythm that brings you back to breath, tides, and your own sweet truth —  join me.

Explore classes, online learning, meditation practice, coaching,and the writings of Brooke McNamara.


Inspire your everyday.

Awaken your potent, buzzing aliveness. Anchor your mysteries into the movement of your everyday.



Discover deep meaning, interconnection, and your natural flow of creativity through embodied, wholehearted learning.


Return to intimacy and presence with yourself and your life. Source your own direct wellspring of true wisdom and care.


Let living language bring you deeply and playfully into coherence.

Feed and inspire your soul.


Offered again by popular demand!


Write to the Heart of Motherhood  //  connecting to our true voice in the middle of our messy lives
A space for mamas to unleash and harness your holiest and messiest feelings, exercise and nourish your voice, and bond deeply with other amazing women on the ride of motherhood.

6 weeks Online  - 
September 16- October 25


poet, performer, zen mama, monk

I have practiced meditation intensively in the Zen tradition for the past eight years, and been empowered by my teacher to instruct others in the art and practice of Zen meditation. I’m also a poet and published my first book, “Feed Your Vow,” in 2015. I live with my huge hearted husband and two adorable, wild sons in Boulder, CO.

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New Offering!


Cultivate Retreat is an embodied, interdisciplinary creative practice RETREAT

Led by Lauren Beale and Brooke McNamara at the gorgeous, rustic Cocoon Portugal Retreat Center, we'll enjoy daily farm to table meals, CULTIVATE creative practice sessions, meditation, yoga, plenty of rest and play, and gorgeous farm and coast land to explore as a mirror and catalyst to your creative explorations.
March 14-21, 2020!


“These are gloriously urgent wake-up poems. McNamara is a modern Zorba. She urges us to stop, to rest, to listen to the life pouring through and over us, to steep ourselves in the mystery that we are, ‘the rapture of being just this.’”



Roger Housden

Bestselling author of the Ten Poems series

“Brooke’s poems act to awaken Supreme Identity—the unity of You and Divine Sprit itself—releasing the everlasting core of your very Being and endless Becoming. This is what Brooke does for us, for which we can all be truly, deeply grateful.”   



Ken Wilber

Integral Meditation

“Tender, erotic and wise, this book is a trustworthy companion in the journey of becoming human."


Diane Musho Hamilton

Author of The Zen of You & Me

“Brooke McNamara’s words fall like raindrops filled with light--fresh, gentle, nourishing, and utterly authentic.  Always, they invite us to wake us up to the infinite beauty of BEING here and now, completely human and completely divine.”



Dorothy Hunt

Spiritual director of Moon Mountain Sangha, author of Only This!, Leaves from Moon Mountain, and Ending the Search: From Spiritual Ambition to the Heart of Awareness

"McNamara tricks marks on paper onto their feet so as to bring us to ours."



Charles O. Hartman

Poet in Residence, Connecticut College


Stop. Stop working. Stop trying to stop working.
Stop trying. Stop being lazy. Stop searching for meaning.
Stop landing anywhere. Stop acting confused. Stop.

Stop locking up your mysteries. Let me in. Stop rearranging the surface features of your life. Stop thinking deep is deep. Stop thinking blood is red. Stop hoarding the blood-red wisdom unborn in you.

There’s got to be a better way. Do you love me? Stop loving me. Stop unloving me. Stop tearing me apart.
Stop with me. Let’s stop together. Six seconds.

Ready. Set. Stop.

Now let’s stop together forever,
and let the stopping go.

books & Articles


“Tender, erotic and wise, this book is a trustworthy companion in the journey of becoming human.”

Diane Musho Hamilton, Author of Everything is Workable


“Only a few lines in, walls are coming down, ears are perking up.”

Stuart Davis, Artist



Poems for Falling into Fullness

Poems from the body of a dancer, mind of a zen monk, and heart of a mother. Open to timeless beauty through encounters with our everyday world, seen with fiercely loving eyes and a powerful, compassionate voice.

Podcast: The fierce feminine dance

Brooke joins Mark to talk ballet beginnings, somatics, healing vs. art, wildness, Zen, internal vs. external orientations, her ...
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CULTIVATE: monthly embodiment labs to grow your creative aliveness  Saturdays, 1-4 pm (we're available till 4:30 or 5)Sept ...
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When I had finally had enough  of my own endless,  uncreative complaints,  I made my promise to do ...
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