Appreciated for her capacity to transmit the sacred through accessible and digestible pieces of poetry, performance, and teaching, Brooke’s work is an emanation of her core longing to feed the soul.

Tending to the deep questions buried in the soil of the heart, she creates work that invites or commands you to courageously do the same. 

A little about me:

I completed the Falling Awake Life Coach Training in the Bay Area in 2008, and have been serving clients throughout the U.S. ever since. I also offer online classes in mindfulness and creative awakening; explore them here.

Additionally, I hold a BA in Dance and English from Connecticut College, where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude, and an MFA in Dance with a focus on somatic studies/ yoga from CU Boulder. I’ve danced professionally for over a decade and toured internationally with LEVYdance (San Francisco), Malashock and Dancers (San Diego), in my own creative work with Lauren Beale, and in the work of many other truly phenomenal choreographers to whom I am artistically indebted and grateful.

I am now on Faculty at Naropa University in the Yoga Studies department. I’m also co-director with Lauren Beale of Eunice Embodiment, an organization through which we offer cutting edge dance-theater performances, movement education, creative practice labs, and performance salons for the community. 

I have practiced meditation intensively in the Zen tradition for the past eight years, and been empowered by my teacher to instruct others in the art and practice of Zen meditation.

I’m also a poet and published my first book,“Feed Your Vow,” in 2015. I live with my huge-hearted husband and two adorable, wild sons in Boulder, CO.

I offer classes in yoga + dance, awakening and deepening creativity, zen meditation and more. Check out my current classes and private session offerings here. 

If you prefer a deeper dive, explore my coaching offering here.

Teaching: “Brooke has a way of helping you to expose your creative nature in a supportive, inspiring, and FUN way.” – Dance student, Boulder, CO

Performance: “Brooke Gessay so vivid she burned.” – Janice Steinberg, Dance Magazine Critic 

Poetry: “These are gloriously urgent wake-up poems. McNamara is a modern Zorba. She urges us to stop, to rest, to listen to the life pouring through and over us, to steep ourselves in the mystery that we are, ‘the rapture of being just this.’” - Roger Housden, bestselling author of the Ten Poems series

Coaching:“Brooke provided a tremendous support for me while going through a major transformational period. She gently listened, and provided welcome reflection and inspiration to act with courage to step into work that I love, create a more loving relationship with my partner of seven years and nearly double my annual income. I am so grateful for the time I spent with her!” – A.F., Coaching Client, San Francisco, CA

Kids Teaching: “Brooke is a wonderful, engaging teacher who taps into a child’s creativity.  She has a very positive, inclusive management style that children love.” – Lisa Tsukamoto, teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary School, San Francisco, CA

Just under a year ago on zen retreat, during the first morning meditation (candles lit, incense rising), I felt a rush of love move up my body and (silently, viscerally) say: “Get up early. Every day. Write poems again. A book is coming.” My son, Lundin, was eight months old at the time. The idea of writing a book seemed possibly insane.

I hadn’t written many poems for over a decade since my college thesis. But something about that call from who-knows-where in meditation that morning put me under a spell – of sheer curiosity for what I’d find if I actually followed through. Not in my head, but actually. Not in fantasy, but with my real, tired, working-mothering self every damn, glorious morning.

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