In living and making art, we can be quite creative in laying subconscious traps to inhibit our full authenticity. As teacher or coach, I help you access the deeper, more life-giving reasons for enacting your unique artistic path.


Pulling from an endurance and enthusiasm born of many years of personal experience, I will serve as a mirror for your deep wisdom and wellness as you take healthy risks to realize your own deepest creative aliveness.

Poetry and Meditation to Conjure Deep Support and Inspiration ~

A 12-week online workshop series

with Brooke McNamara & Special Guests
Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Gabriel Wilson, Ash Ruiz, Donna Mejia, and Freeda Be

In these bewildering times, both our inner and outer worlds are undergoing rapid change and unraveling. So much is unknown and yet to be seen. We may fear becoming overwhelmed or disconnected from the emotional, relational, creative, and spiritual resources we need most right now.

A Year-long program with four seasonal half-day retreats.

with Brooke McNamara & Lauren Beale
~ Realizing, Manifesting and Releasing our Living Artistry ~

6-week online course
through Next Step Integral

Nov 1 - Dec 17th, 2021

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