In living and making art, we can be quite creative in laying subconscious traps to inhibit our full authenticity. As teacher or coach, I help you access the deeper, more life-giving reasons for enacting your unique artistic path.


Pulling from an endurance and enthusiasm born of many years of personal experience, I will serve as a mirror for your deep wisdom and wellness as you take healthy risks to realize your own deepest creative aliveness.

10 minutes a day of Poetry & Meditation

An  on-demand video series
with Brooke McNamara

Each day for a month, enjoy a 10-minute video by Brooke McNamara that includes a poem shared aloud followed by a simple guided meditation. Investing in the nourishment of daily small doses of poetry and meditation practice, you might be astonished at what blooms in youand naturally serves others.


Art of Meditation

Seasonal 11-week Practice Series / Yearlong Program: ONLINE

Winter Series: January 16 - April 2 (no class January 30) | Spring Series: April 30 - July 9 | Fall Series: September 10 - November 19

The Art of Meditation Practice Series are an opportunity for you to come home to your life, awakening to who you really are and to the liberation and vitality that is available in each moment.


Art of Aliveness

A 7-Day In-Person Retreat

June 23-29 - Dragon Lake Zen Center - Boulder, CO

The Art of Aliveness retreat is an invitation to come home to your true self, to the potency of reality as it is, and to creatively express the uniqueness of your being. It is an opportunity to connect with a community of others who not only support your practice, but who mirror the preciousness of this one life.

In collaboration with four transmitted Zen lineage holders, we will explore our innerscapes through seated and walking meditation, interpersonal practice, creative expression, work practice, and embodiment.


Awakening to the Poetic

A 9 Week Series of Meditation and Poetry

How do you awaken and tune to the poetic? Do you remember your ways as a child of connecting to this animate, breathing world?


In these times of rapid change, challenge, and opportunity, it is vital that we connect in brave, supportive community to remind ourselves of the nutrients embedded in reality – the powerful ways that pain and loss carve through our beings, the delicious refreshment of beauty in all its forms, and the ultimate satisfaction of resting as our true nature: vast, unborn, and indestructible. 


with Brooke McNamara & friends
~ A great adventure in sitting still, in silence and spaciousness, experiencing our deepest nature.  ~

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