In living and making art, we can be quite creative in laying subconscious traps to inhibit our full authenticity. As teacher or coach, I help you access the deeper, more life-giving reasons for enacting your unique artistic path.


Pulling from an endurance and enthusiasm born of many years of personal experience, I will serve as a mirror for your deep wisdom and wellness as you take healthy risks to realize your own deepest creative aliveness.

Cultivate - Round 2

A Deeper Dive

Creative Practice in the Face of Uncertainty


In this potent new chapter of global uncertainty, we are called to gather online with brave and tender humans for CULTIVATE: Creative Practice in the Face of Uncertainty.

Eunice Embodiment presents: Creativity MVP, an after school program for kids K-4th grade and 5th-8th grade

with Brooke McNamara 

6-week online course
through Next Step Integral

September 16-October 25

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