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I look forward to exploring if we are a good fit for cultivating friendship within the mind, a sense of home within the body, and clarity, tenacity, and flexibility in creative process — both in your art and in your life.

How I can serve YOU:

In our coaching together, we’ll make a time commitment of 6, 9, or 12 months to work toward outcomes that inspire, enliven and ground you. During our sessions (and in phone check-ins as needed in between) you’ll have my full attention and best thinking supporting you to clarify and manifest your own truths in 3 primary, overlapping domains:


There are numerous benefits to practicing mindfulness (the ability to hold attention stably in this present moment) including stress reduction, the creation of new, more optimal neural pathways in the brain, and the possibility of residing more often in the parasympathetic functioning of the nervous system (rather than “fight or flight”), to name just a few. In our coaching, we’ll explore these and more: as creative people, we’ll especially learn to grow presence and wellbeing throughout the creative process. For example, we’ll train for increased patience for relaxing into the unknown, as novel ideas percolate and develop, a deeper, more durable connection to intuition, and perhaps most important, the cultivation of a basic friendliness with ourselves through the ups and downs of creative life.


The purposeful descent of our awareness into our bodies is a big adventure full of sensation, emotion, and new intimacy with our lives. It can be very helpful to have the support of simple breathing and postural techniques from the Yoga tradition, which I have studied and practiced deeply and am honored to offer as we integrate and ground insights that come from our development of mindfulness.

More than anything, our work in the realm of embodiment aims to create an enduring sense of being at home in the raw sensations of being alive as a human being.


As artists, we can be quite creative in laying subconscious traps to inhibit our full authenticity. My job as your coach will be to continuously bring back to you your deepest, most life-giving reasons for enacting your unique artistic path.

Pulling from an endurance and enthusiasm born of many years of personal experience, I will offer healthy psychological frameworks for the stages of creative process, including but not limited to: dreaming, conceiving, manifesting, expressing, and releasing. More than anything, I will serve as a mirror for your deepest wisdom and wellness as you take healthy risks to realize your own deepest creative aliveness.

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