Eunice Embodiment presents:
an after school program for kids K-4th grade and 5th-8th grade

Creativity MVP

Imaginative Play and Composition through Movement, Visual Art, + Poetry
with Lauren Beale and Brooke McNamara 


Tuition: $270 

Sibling discount: $225/ student

*Tuition is due by the start of Fall Session.*

Fall/ Winter Session, 15 weeks:

Tuesdays, September 3 - December 17, no class November 26 (Thanksgiving week)

4:00 - 5:10 pm K- 4th graders
5:15 - 6:30 pm 5th - 8th graders

at The Spark Performing & Creative Arts
4847 Pearl Street Suite B4
Boulder, CO 80301

Spring Session dates TBD


Please enter the number of children you would like to register for the MVP Creativity program.

Registering more than one child in the same family? Use our code 'siblings' to receive a $45 per child discount on the checkout page.

CREATIVITY MVP is for kids interested in exploring creativity through movement, visual art, and poetry/creative writing.

Each class will engage fun exercises to build strength, flexibility, and coordination in the body, as well as improvisational explorations from a diverse range of movement styles, visual art projects, and creative writing exercises. These practices will harness your child’s natural propensity to play and organic powers of imagination, building skills and techniques upon the way she, he, or they feel inspired to create.


We will study and explore different dance making techniques regarding the use of space, time, energy, movement, music, and feelings, as well as object manipulation (such as use of props, balls, cones, etc) to increase movement agility, body/mind connection, healthy risk taking, and wholehearted play.


In addition to movement and dance, imaginative play and composition will be investigated through a diverse range of visual art techniques including drawing, painting, craft making and collage.


We will also explore how your child can express ideas, emotions, concepts, images, and stories through language! We will engage different writing prompts and games, discussions, and short artistic/inspiring video watching to awaken new thoughts, connect to their unique self, and inspire what they would like to express through writing and poetry.

We also intend to ensure ample opportunity to merge all three modalities into unpredictable, interdisciplinary creations and performances! This session will end with a showing of the dances and art pieces made throughout our time together.
All Levels of dance/art training and experience, as well as all dance/art styles are welcome to attend!

CREATIVITY MVP asks a different set of questions:

• How do we support true creativity in ourselves and our children?
• What supports and catalyzes the imagination?
• What contexts, containers, and experiences bolster our own and our children's creative courage, imagination, expression and connection?

• Through embodied practice (movement, visual art, + poetry), how can we and our children participate with a larger creative aliveness that is guiding us individually and collectively into being more capable, response-able and impactful human beings?

This is a unique and essential training ground for your child’s creative powers to truly thrive: 

We’re committed to this new kind of movement education and interdisciplinary creative practice that empowers our children to explore their creative potential.

We’re creating movement, visual art, + poetry experiences designed to foster children’s brain and nervous system development to enhance curiosity, courage, and self-confidence.

We’re establishing a robust training vehicle for our children to grow their embodied power for revealing their unique contributions.

Are you interested? Does your child want to join?

We hope your answer is an enthusiastic yes!

Topics Explored:

Movement generation and vocabulary
Texture, color, design
Simile and Metaphor
Exploration of dance styles
Line, shape, form
Moving in and out of the floor
Dynamics in time and space
Rhythmic play
Mindfulness, Breath and Yoga
Partnering, Collaboration, Social Skills
Emotional expression
Beginning, middle and end
Sensing Internal and External Impulses
Use of props, costumes and music
Team work and Self-awareness
Giving and Receiving Feedback Skillfully
Showing vs. Telling through Language
Symmetry, Opposition, juxtaposition
Community and Cultural Heritage

For more details please get in touch with Brooke by emailing: