Earth & Sky – Creativity Camp


Led by Lauren Beale and Brooke McNamara of Eunice Embodiment, EARTH and SKY Nature/ Creativity CAMP is a 5 day kids camp for 1st-6th graders that explores dance, poetry, visual art, yoga and mindfulness within the context of nature. Each day we will meet at a new safe outdoor location around the Boulder area, investigate the environment, and engage our creativity based on our inspirations from each natural site.

Dates for 2020

June 8-12
July 13-17
Mon-Fri 9 am - 1 pm
I offer a 10% sibling discount: 2 siblings for $450, 3 siblings for $675.

Throughout the day we will play with fun movement improvisations, games, and challenges to discover how nature brings us to life, as well as calming, imaginative visualizations and meditations to connect deeply to ourselves, earth, and sky.

We will also study and explore different art-making techniques, engaging the use of space, time, and composition through movement, language, shapes, and color - in the dirt, on the rocks, in the water, and with the trees.

In turn, we will discover what imagery comes to us in each different site - reading, writing, drawing, making mandalas, and making dances, to see how we can creatively celebrate the Earth. We will place attention on how to interact with our environment with respect and care, making art with natural materials in fun, new ways!

To apply for a partial scholarship, please get in touch with Brooke by emailing: