A Month To Savor


with Brooke McNamara 

30 short daily videos, on demand.

Each day for a month, enjoy a 10-minute video by Brooke McNamara that includes a poem shared aloud followed by a simple guided meditation.

Written forms of the poems will be available directly below each video. Brooke will alternate between sharing her own poems, and favorites from various times, places, and cultures.



 “The temple bell stops,

but the sound keeps coming

out of the flowers.”




By committing just 10 minutes a day to the pleasure of listening to poetry followed by resting in the stillness of meditation, you will be invited into a gentle, but very deep re-set. Pausing briefly each day to simply breathe and feel your whole experience is a great kindness to yourself and all you touch.

Your nervous system will settle over time into optimal functioning. Your mind will be witnessed by your own loving attention, and come to rest in wise timing. Your body will soften unnecessary tension, and your heart will remember itself Home. Day by day, you will come more alive.

Investing in the nourishment of daily small doses of poetry and meditation practice, you might be astonished at what blooms in youand naturally serves others. 

30 short daily videos, on demand. 

A cocoon of presence for you to rest in ~

at your own pace, in your own way.

A thread of wonder to weave through your weeks ~

through highs and lows, darkness and light.

A chorus of voices offering companionship,

nudging you to drop deeply into this one life.

A daily sanctuary of silence, connecting you

to what matters most, gently reminding you to

savor every flavor of your days.

Cost: $45