Year Long Program – Women’s Ritual

with Brooke McNamara and Lisa Gibson

via Zoom video conferencing

Year-long Ritual of Renewal Includes  4 Seasonal retreats + 4 Coaching sessions + Online community + Monthly Inspirations and Practices


  • December 13, 2020 (complete)
  • March 7, 2021 (complete)
  • June 6, 2021(complete)
  • Sept 12, 2021

Prorated Pricing:

Option 1: $ 750

Option 2: $620

Option 3: $500

Please choose the price that works for your current financial context.



Women's Ritual - Year Long Program

with Lisa Gibson and Brooke McNamara 


These seasonal rituals are for all self-identified women who:

  • Yearn to connect to their deepest intentions and innermost selves
  • Long for practices to restore, nurture, and enliven
  • Want to gather with a community of other wholehearted women
  • Need a break from the routines and busyness of daily life
  • Are excited (and possibly fearful) about the potency of their aliveness


We strive to create a brave space that welcomes everyone's full uniqueness as well as attuned compassion for others. We aim to create a welcoming community of practice that includes diversity of race, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious affiliation, nationality, and more.


Program Includes:

Four Seasonal Half day retreats :
Our half days together will move between structured time together online and intentional solo explorations offline. The retreats will include:

  • Meditation and mindfulness 
  • Movement practices to fully inhabit your body-mind
  • Rich, intentional conversation 
  • Rituals to connect personal experience to a greater sense of meaning
  • Journaling to tap into your creative expression
  • Shadow work to uncover hidden commitments that drain aliveness
  • Play, creativity and laughter
  • Time to enjoy cooking and eating a nourishing meal for yourself


4 Coaching sessions

You will receive 4 one-on-one virtual coaching sessions, once per season as part of the year long journey. These coaching sessions will be an opportunity to bring forward your intentions, and be supported in your deepest expression of wholeheartedness. 


Monthly inspirations

You will receive monthly inspirations to your inbox, including poems, journaling prompts, creative inquiries and more to invite the practice of wholeheartedness into your daily, weekly and monthly rhythms.


Online Community

Using the platform Mighty Networks, you will participate virtually with a community of women to find belonging, connection, and lively exchange in your unfolding of wholehearted living.

Sundays, 9-11 MST

  • December 13, 2020 - complete
  • March 7, 2021
  • June 6, 2021
  • Sept 12, 2021

Via Zoom video group call


Option 1: $750

Option 2: $620

Option 3: $500