CULTIVATE: Creative Practice Online Workshop- Sunday March 22, 9-11am MDT


In this potent new chapter of global uncertainty, we are called to gather online with brave and tender humans for CULTIVATE: creative practice in the face of uncertainty. This free online workshop led by Lauren Beale and Brooke McNamara is an embodied, interdisciplinary exploration in which we harness and catalyze our creative vitality amidst our ever changing circumstances. 

We are called to support and collaborate with each other, in community across the globe, to tend the glowing embers or living flames of our collective creative aliveness. We are called to help keep each other attentive, wholehearted, supple, earnest and playful as we navigate so many layers of unraveling. 

We will summon and manifest creative ideas that can impact our lives and our work through:

– connection and conversation in community 

– improvisational movement 

– exploratory free writing 

– guided visualization 

– deep rest/ daydreaming

– partner dialogue

– visual art

Together, we will invoke play and shadows both, within safe boundaries and titrating vulnerability at a sustainable, enlivening pace. 

Together, we will groom ourselves to be optimal instruments for creative aliveness, ideas, and inspiration to find us more often through our daily lives. We’ll practice tuning ourselves to creativity as a work ethic and habit and way of life.

An amazing, deep, kind and powerful community is forming around this practice… Artists of all mediums, conscious thinkers and feelers, transformation seekers, and all those yearning to join together more fully with each of our creative capacities. We’d love for you to join us!

Join us for a deeper dive, 8-week online CULTIVATE Series every Sunday beginning March 29. Learn more: visit

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