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CULTIVATE: monthly embodiment labs to grow your creative aliveness 

Saturdays, 1-4 pm (we’re available till 4:30 or 5)Jan 19Feb 23March 16April 13May 11Sept 21Oct 26Nov 16Dec 14

An offering of Eunice Embodiment ~ with teachers Lauren Beale and Brooke McNamara

These 9 experiential workshops are designed to catalyze the embodied intelligence inside the awakening impulse or creative project in your life that you are most passionate about. Through a rigorously practiced collaborative process of movement, writing, conversation and meditation, you will be guided into a wholehearted process toward the heart of creativity and manifestation. More than a formula or method, Lauren and Brooke offer pathways to hone and vivify intentions, align with intuition, unleash uninhibited imagination, and together move into uncharted territory to reclaim your own creative voice. Engaging perspectives including self, community, and environment, as well as body, mind, and spirit, you will gain a direct, multidimensional experience of how to actualize your vision from a seed feeling or longing all the way to tangible form. 

Participants are encouraged to come to all 9 labs and may bring a pre-existing project in any genre to work on, or discover your project as we go. We will work in a collaborative process for a portion of the time, and leave space for you to work alone or with a creative partner or group, depending on the nature of your creation.


Cost: for all 9 labs: $495, includes one free hour of private mentorship with Lauren or Brookeseries of 3 labs: $180drop in lab: $65 ($50 for students and recent graduates)

Private mentorship with Lauren or Brooke is available for 50% of our hourly rate for participants of CULTIVATE during the duration of the workshop series. Inquire for more details if interested!
*If cost is prohibitive, scholarships are available* Please email Brooke to apply.

REGISTER: /product/cultivate/

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